Words Win Wars


Excuse me, Marvel?

Yes hi.  Big fan.  Really.  But um, could you maybe, you know:

  • Black Widow put her in everything okay
  • More Falcon even if it’s like he shows up and eats pizza and tells everyone to believe in themselves 
  • Like a lot of Hawkeye movies at least four Hawkeye movies
  • Take care of Chris Evans he’s special to me
  • Bucky okay like let him cry on screen that’d be nice please


A fan

PS Please

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Deathigner - short film

..In which the children of the gods of Death attend  reaper-school.

Look at this ADORABLE short film.

WATCH THIS. This is so fucking cute that I started to cry

god, this is so sweet. And I really loved how they had different death gods too, even more than the 3 we focused on. All the different cultural Deaths

That was the cutest ting EVER

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Things I want to see in the Avengers after seeing TWS again:



I just want to see Sam the PTSD therapy session leader meet Tony Stark, the guy who spent his entire last movie dealing with anxiety attacks brought on by PTSD.

And instead of being snarky about it, Sam manages to get him to take down his sarcastic outer shell and be honest about how much the battle of New York really traumatized him.

Yes. Yes, this would make me happy. 

If anyone can do that, it’d be Sam.

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Think about how fast he snitched tho

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